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Beginning June 11th, 2011 I will take my final trip from the east coast (the place I have called home for the past 4 years) to the west coast (my true home). However, this time I will not be flying. Myself and 31 other 18-25 year-olds will be hopping on our bikes to participate in a cross-country fundraising bike ride called Bike and Build that raises money for affordable housing in the United States. The journey from Providence, RI to Seattle, WA involves 3,860 miles of riding, 14 different states, all over 68 days. Throughout the ride, we will be hopping off our bikes in cities along the way to help build houses and spread awareness of the affordable housing effort throughout the nation. Click on the planned route below to find out more info about the trip:

As someone who has been fortunate enough to have a roof over his head for his entire life, I feel it is time that I relinquish a home for a summer to help others gain one. My home in San Mateo has played an integral part in my life and still does to this day, though I have now had the opportunity to call many places home all over the world. Just as I cannot imagine my life without my home, I cannot imagine anyone else living his or her life without a home. That is why I feel it is so important for me to help give people comfort, security, and hope by providing them that basic necessity of life.

Not only do I believe in the positive impact of the affordable housing cause, but I also believe in the use of biking as a catalyst for change. The physical, economic, emotional, and environmental benefits of cycling are undeniable and through a cross-country bike ride, Bike and Build will open the eyes of many people in this nation to the benefits of cycling. We will have the opportunity in several communities to run bike safety clinics for children so as to help encourage bike riding in America’s youth. It is my hope that seeing a group of adults riding their bikes 3,971 miles across the country will show people that biking is an accessible, safe, and healthy alternative to driving.

In order to participate in this incredible trip, each rider must raise $4,000. This money is distributed to various different organizations throughout the nation that fund affordable housing projects executed by young adults. If you are interested in donating, simply go to my rider bio and click on “Donate” under my picture. From there you will be asked to enter the amount you are donating and then will be taken through Google Checkout. Make sure that you indicate that this donation is for Andrew Morgenthaler.

If you have any questions, comments, or words of advice regarding my ride with Bike & Build feel free to contact me at or post a comment below.

Happy riding!

Boston critical mass. Photo by Arlin Ladue


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