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I dream of sand, sun, and skis (both of the water and snow nature) \\ Despite much criticism, I really like hooded, sleeveless shirts \\ I have never really been good at speling or grammar \\ I used to be a boxer kind of guy, but I am moving towards briefs \\ I am unsatisfied until I know how something works and more importantly why it works \\ Organizing items on my desktop into folders gives me great satisfaction \\ I cry easily watching movies \\ I don’t like text messaging \\ I cannot make decisions for the life of me \\ In my opinion every day should be started with at least two eggs and a glass of orange juice, no matter what time the day happens to start

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Andrew began his life in a quaint suburb near San Francisco called San Mateo. His childhood was filled with sunshine, adventure, and friendship. Alas, Andrew grew restless and decided to leave the Golden State and study Biochemistry at Tufts University in Boston (with a stint in New Zealand). Upon graduation in 2011, Andrew embarked on a cross country bike ride from Providence to Seattle, building houses and spreading awareness of the affordable housing cause with an organization called Bike and Build. Now, back in the Bay Area, Andrew continues to shoot, bike, and create.

Andrew would like to thank his fellow Cheap Sox in pink for their improvable support.

Contact: andymorgen@gmail.com

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